Roofix 20/10 (Roofing Repair) 5L & 20L

roofix 2010.jpg


Specifically developed to provide instant waterproofing for leaking roofs, an all-weather product that can be applied even in damp conditions. Roofix 20/10 can be used to repair specific areas that are leaking or totally waterproof an entire roof. This product is multi-purpose and can be utilised on a wide variety of problem areas. A single pack elastomeric acrylic based (non bitumastic) compound, with built in Draylon fibre reinforcement, providing excellent flexibility and durability. Provides exceptional adhesion to virtually any roofing material. Roofix 20/10 does not require special primers, and can provide long term protection in excess of 10 years. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.